Who can support the Organization?
• Long-time residents who remember how their hometown used to be.
• New residents who are looking for a sense of community and an authentic sense of place.
• Merchants located in the downtown area who want to bring more customers into their shops.
• Organizations that care about the Downtown Sedalia’s values and history.

Why do we need a Downtown Organization?
The Downtown Sedalia area experienced a decline in the latter part of the 20th Century as auto-centric business development eclipsed traditional downtown based commerce in the US.  But with the help of property owners, the City of Sedalia and organizations like Sedalia Downtown Development, revitalization success stories are becoming easier to achieve.   The following are key elements in the revitalization effort:

• Developing partnerships with other community minded organizations in order to maintain and expand the downtown.
• Creating promotional events designed to bring people downtown.
• Maintaining our historic buildings and encouraging property owners through the program.
• Recruitment and retention efforts that focus on inviting complimentary businesses and inspiring entrepreneurship among a new generation.
• Celebrating Sedalia’s 150 year history and its roots in the downtown area

What is the Main Street™ Approach?
The Main Street Approach is a philosophy, a program and a proven comprehensive approach to commercial business district revitalization. The approach is used in over 1600 cities across the nation and focuses on four volunteer-based, integrated committees (i.e. Design, Economic Restructuring, Organization and Promotion).

Design – means getting the downtown area into top physical shape and capitalizing on its best assets such as historic buildings and traditional downtown layouts. This is accomplished by creating an inviting atmosphere with window displays, signage, and streetscapes.
Economic Vitality – helps existing downtown businesses expand and recruits new ones to respond to today’s market. Economic Restructuring also helps convert unused space into productive property and sharpen the competitiveness of business enterprises
Organization – has the responsibility of building consensus and cooperation among the groups that have an important stake in the downtown area. This includes educating the stakeholders regarding the benefits of a revitalized downtown area.
Promotion – is responsible for creating a positive image of the Downtown through advertising, retail promotional activities, special events, and a marketing campaign carried out by local volunteers.

Volunteer with us! Partner With Us!
Join us as we celebrate, support and revitalize Sedalia’s Downtown, nominated to and listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  We welcome volunteers of all ages and backgrounds, particularly those with specific skills to share including:

Public relations
Fund raising
Volunteer coordination
Design & merchandising
Public speaking and networking

We also welcome financial partners who would support us with either annual or one-time dollar donations.  Sedalia Downtown Development Inc. is a 501 (c) 3 organization, making your contributions tax deductible.  Your funds will help us save, restore and re-purpose both landmark structures like the Uptown Theatre and the Trust Building as well as dozens of individual buildings throughout the historic district.

Suggested Partnership Levels:

$100 Downtown Business or Property Owner
$25 Individual/Family
$500 Benefactor
$1,000 Legacy
$______ Name-Your-Own-Investment

Thank You!